EP. 17 ~ Mindset and Remaining Positive — Even (or Especially) When Things Are Difficult with Melissa Drake

July 19, 2017

About Melissa Drake

Melissa Drake is an editor, writer, and coach. She's a Truthteller for Women for One who's been featured in elephant journal, The Good Men Project, Thought Catalog, and on The SHFT Blog.

She has a passion for words, writing, positive energy, and helping others recover from life's tough transitions. She knows from personal experience, it's important to live your own truth over the truth others have prescribed for you. She also knows writing helps heal your own hurts from the past.

Once written, the act of sharing your story with others (whether that's on a small scale in an intimate support group, or on a large scale by publishing your story), you can empower others with your words. She desires to help individuals Live their Truth, Write their Story, and Empower Others.


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